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Save Heating Oil and Save Money!

The cost of home heating oil has become a major concern for most home owners in Massachusetts. The high cost of heating your home may make it more feasible to invest in energy saving products such as insulation, thermal replacement windows, or even a completely new (and more efficient) heating system.

While some homeowners need or want to make these types of investments, other may be renters, or planning to sell their homes and only looking for ways to cut down on their heating bill without investing money into the home.

The tips below can help you save money on your oil heating bill, save energy, and make your home more comfortable this winter without -- spending a lot of money on home improvements.

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Have your oil burner and other heating equipment inspected, cleaned and tuned. Be sure all vents are clear so air can properly circulate around the furnace.

Close your fireplace flue.
When not using a fireplace, keep the flue closed. Heat rises, so an open flue can be a major heat loss.

Limit use of exhaust fans.
In the winter, be sure to turn off kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans as soon as they have done their job. Forgetting to turn off an exhaust fan can literally pump the heat out of your house.

Ace Hardware Dryer Heat Diverter Install a dryer heat diverter.
In the winter, toggle the vent to send the hot air into your home, and in the summer switch the diverter to send the hot air outside. In addition to not throwing away the heat from the dryer, the moist air will also add needed humidity to your living space in the winter.  (Note: the heat diverter shown from Ace Hardware costs approximately $7.00 and can be installed in about 20 minutes).

Install a hot water heater blanket.
A hot water heater blanket is an insulating cover which goes over the tank and will reduce heat loss. By insulating the water heater it will come on less often and use less energy.

Install a programmable thermostat.
If your home uses the older style mercury-tilt or mechanical timer type of thermostat, it may not be efficeintyl regulating the temperature in your home. A programmable thermostat can be set to reduce the temperature in your home while nobody is home during the day, or at night when you are sleeping. By having your heating system bring the house up to a comfortable temperature shirtly before you wake up in the morning, and keep it warmer in the late afternoon and early evening, and then reduce temperature while you're sleeping not only will you save money, but you'll be more comfortable.

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