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2013 MA Average Home Heating Rise in Pre-Season

While home heating oil dealers who were already charging the highest per-gallon price of $4.60/gallon in August have not gone any higher, both average and low prices for #2 fuel oil have risen $0.09 on average, and the lowest prices found have risen $0.08 during the past month.

A survey of heating oil dealers across the state on September 17th, 2013 for average prices at $3.78/gallon, and the lowest price at $3.32, (while consumers could have purchased the same oil for $3.24 just a little over a month earlier, on August 14th, 2013.

While prices tend to rise as demand builds between September and February, this year (2013), prices are actually lower than they were a year ago, when average prices were $3.84/gallon.

Consumers who are low on oil now, and have not contracted with a full service dealer for this winter's fuel needs, should shop now for the best value, and get their tanks filled ahead of the seasonal price increases that near certain to rise for the next few months.

Many oil companies offer new customer discounts, bulk discounts, or may offer other incentives in the pre-season that they do not offer during the coldest months of winter. By getting you tank filled now using a coupon or other promotion, can save not only the value of the discount -- but also prevent you from having to buy the same oil at a higher, and non-discount price by waiting.

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